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Winning Blackjack Strategy - Beat the Casino using our Professional Blackjack Strategy.

Blackjack is an easy game to learn and understand and when played correctly offers a house edge of less than 0.5% which is low as you will find at an online casino.

Using our advanced winning blackjack strategy below you can tip the odds of winning money in your favour by "earning" the bonus money offered to you by online casinos.


The object of Blackjack is to beat the casino by achieving a total that is greater than the dealer and does not exceed 21. To determine the total, the picture cards count as ten, the Ace as either one or eleven and all other cards have their numerical face value.

After you have placed your initial bet and the first two cards have been dealt you can either take another card (HIT) or take no more cards (STAND) with the aim of beating the dealer’s hand. If you go over 21 you bust and lose your initial stake. If get more than the dealer and get 21 or less you win and and will get your bet back plus the same amount again. If your total is the same as the dealer's you neither win or lose and will have your stake money returned to you.

When playing there will also be the option to DOUBLE (place an additional bet equal to the amount of your original bet) or SPLIT (form two separate hands where your first two cards are of equal value).

Winning Blackjack Strategy

To beat the casino you should play "perfect" blackjack strategy using our strategy card which tells you exactly the best thing to do for every card combination you may have.

The blackjack strategy card is shown here and a larger version can be viewed by clicking on the card. Your hand is shown on the left and the dealer’s hand is along the top.

Blackjack Strategy Card

If for example you were dealt a total of 12 and the dealer has 3, looking at card on the left hand side shows a 'H' so you should HIT. If you were then dealt an eight, your total points would then be twenty (12+8) and looking again at the card, it now tells you to STAND (S).

If the strategy card shows a blue ‘D’, you click on Double if the option is available.

If the card says ‘P’ you should click on the ‘Split’ button if available. If a split occurs you then have two hands to play with. Treat each hand as you would a single hand and just follow the strategy card to work out what to do.

Note that the blackjack strategy card also has options for when you have two of the same card and also when one of the cards is an Ace. E.g. if you have Ace, 5 and the dealer has a four, you should click on ‘Double’.

If you are dealt two cards that add up to seven or less and do not include an ace, then HIT. If you are dealt two cards that are not shown on the strategy card, then STAND. If the dealer is showing an Ace, you will be offered insurance. Do not take it.

That’s it! By using the strategy card when playing at online casinos, you will be playing winning blackjack strategy and because the house edge is less than 0.5% when doing this, you are tipping the odds of winning money heavily in your favour because you can “earn” the bonus money offered by the casinos.

Where to Play?

We recommend trying our winning blackjack strategy at these casinos whether you wish to play for fun or real money. Good luck!

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